Their names are George, Inge, Jo, Sepp, Paula, Walo, Anita, Klaus and Klaus. They were acolytes, pupils, wards, and foster home children, who were sexually, emotionally and physically abused by members of the clergy.

Accompanied by the camera, the victims visit the locations of the crimes from back then. Many are making their stories public for the first time. Their families are also only finding out about this hidden pain for the first time. A nightmarish insight into arguably the greatest crime of the post-war period. Yet abuse remains a trauma throughout society, made possible by an environment of repression and of piety. Today, the Church and the state are allies in this cover-up. An accusation that will make you speechless, but also gives hope: „I have said everything, I am no longer a victim“, says Jo, one of the protagonists of the film.